Sunday, January 11, 2015

Last day

T-12 hours.
It's a little after midnight. We are leaving in the morning- technically, later today.  Suitcases are packed.  My stuffed dog who has travelled everywhere with me is in my backpack.  Clothes are laid out.  Just some last-minute things to do before we go.

Daddy arrived today, after all the rain we've had in the last four days he practically swam from Tyler. I got to spend some QT with him at Chili's watching the Dallas Cowboys playoff game- just this once, I rooted for them.  Both of my sisters called, and I started the day with coffee with a dear friend.  One of my cadets came by for a hug and to deliver a long-sought outfit t-shirt, and one of my favorite students came to say goodbye as well.  My childhood friend drove from Austin yesterday for brunch.  Macey and Stephen have been here the last two days. I completely appreciate the time everyone has taken to wish us well and send us off.

My phone is on the charger, and my iPad will be too as soon as I finish this.  One of the dogs is asleep at the foot of the bed, and since it's our last night here I don't have the heart to kick him off.  Both of the dogs have picked up on the extra activity, and the comings and goings; they definitely know something is up.  How am I going to say goodbye to them?  It is heart-wrenching to leave them behind, but I know it really is best for them.  Sucks for me, but best for them.  My solace is knowing that they will be spoiled rotten by our friend who is moving into the house and that they are in excellent hands.

Shit, this is not going to be easy.  Once I get on the plane, I think I'll be OK.  I am kinda dreading the goodbyes at the airport though.  No makeup until I get to Houston, I'd just cry it all off.

I'm excited and sad and nervous and scared and happy... apparently, Ron Weasley was wrong: a person CAN feel all of that at once and not explode.

Good night, y'all.

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  1. Safe travels, Amanda. There will be tears, but then the shear excitement of your adventure will kick in and you will be fine....FINE I tell you! Be safe, make lots of awesome memories, and take good care of Thomas and Big Dog!