Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dia de Los Muertos

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Greenwood Cemetery, and Marshall Hebrew Cemetery, Marshall, TX

Since today is the Day of the Dead, it seems appropriate to post some of the shots I took last time I was in East Texas.  I had long wanted to photograph two of the oldest cemeteries in town, with their lovely markers and sculptures.  I find cemeteries fascinating and beautiful, and not the least bit scary.  They are generally peaceful places, and to me the older, the better.  I love the beautiful grave markers (you don't see them like this anymore) and the gorgeous, intricate wrought iron fences around family plots.  So much history is there, just waiting to be found- and remembered.  City founders, movers, shakers, names you've always heard... all here.  And in a small town like Marshall, it's much more intimate and familiar- my Mom was with me that day, and we found the resting spot of my great-great-step-grandfather.  (Died when she was young, well before I was born.)  But it was a chance to share her memories of him, and of some of the other families she knew in the cemeteries.  (Not many, since these are very OLD cemeteries- Greenwood was founded in 1840, after all.) But still- here was the grave of the namesake of the hospital I was born in.  Over there was the family that ran the historic old hotel by the depot.  And down there, is Rimpson Teet, the sweetest man who ever taught a four-year-old Marty to roll her own...
iFeliz Dia de Los Muertos!

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