Thursday, November 11, 2010

Flag of My Grandfathers

I am the granddaughter of FOUR Veterans- Daddy Tom, Army Air Corps; Big Dad, Navy; Pappaw, Army; and Daddy Don, National Guard. I am extremely proud of this fact, and proud to be at all related to these men who were willing to answer the call when their country needed them most. (And also very grateful that all of them lived to tell about it.) I am sad that I cannot personally thank Daddy Tom and Daddy Don- but I can give an extra hug to Big Dad and Pappaw today. And I can say, with extreme gratitude, THANK YOU to all service members, wherever you are, whenever you served. Even though we celebrate today as Veterans Day, I honor you and thank you everyday.
And also- thank you to the military families who support these service members. You are just as much appreciated for sharing your father, mother, brother, sister, daughter, son.

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