Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sully- Soldier, Statesman, Knightly Gentleman

Lawrence Sullivan Ross statue, Texas A&M Campus. 

Sully was the 19th Governor of Texas, and the president of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas (now Texas A&M.)  He saved us from having to go to that OTHER school... 
Also, under his leadership, the first Aggie Ring was designed, the nationally famous Fightin' Texas Aggie Band was formed, and the first football game against Texas was played.
The funds for this statue were raised by former cadets, and the state also provided some funding.  It was unveiled in 1919 by the sculptor Pompeo Coppini.  Aggie students traditionally place pennies at the foot of the statue for luck- in Aggie lore, Sully would tutor students and ask only "a penny for your thoughts" as payment.  Exam time often finds not only pennies, but nickels, dimes, quarters, even bills!
The Corps of Cadets outfit the Ross Volunteers are named for him; they serves as the official Honor Guard for the Governor of Texas, and they strive to uphold the ideals of "Soldiers, Statesmen, Knightly Gentlemen."

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