Friday, June 11, 2010

Is all this humidity really necessary?

I like the rain; saves me money on my water bill.  Gets me exercise mowing the grass when it's over.  Makes my plants happy. 
But the humidity... me no likee so much.  Went to a baseball game last night, and it was pleasant, temperature-wise, with a nice breeze.  But minutes after getting out of the car, my hair was plastered to my neck and frizzy (and I have straight hair.)  Sticky all over and just nasty.
I can handle the heat, I can handle the cold- but hot and wet or cold and wet I just don't care for.  How about some hot and dry?  Or cool and dry?  Now I understand the attraction of Colorado in the summer (but not really Florida in the winter- it's still HUMID there!  And any place that has so much rain that it causes enough rain delays to take THREE DAYS to finish a ballgame is not high on my list of places to live.)
So anyway, whoever is up there laughing your ass off at us walking around with crazy frizzy hair and muttering to ourselves- KNOCK IT OFF, WILL YA?

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  1. I second the motion!! You walk outside and it's "instant sweat". It's like you have to convince people you really did shower! :) Colorado in the summertime is great but Houston made me so used to the humidity that I couldn't sleep up there without a humidifier. Or maybe I'm just getting old. I enjoy your pics!!