Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm Still Alive

I didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted, life has moved fairly quickly in my house in these last few months!
So, an update:

Work: I am still an academic advisor, but I earned a promotion this summer- so now I am a Senior Academic Advisor.  Supposedly, this means I am older and wiser... but I think, really, just older!  I still love my job, and we are at the beginning of another school year again.  I swear, the last one just ended, right?
We are welcoming the largest freshman class ever to Texas A&M- over 10,000 fishies in our pond this year.  The Aggie Family is growing by leaps and bounds.

Travel: We added country number 9 to our passports, the Dominican Republic! (It's 11 if you count the 20 minutes in Sweden and the two German airports and one train station we've traveled thru.)  Thomas and I snuck in a quick vacation between the end of summer school and the beginning of the fall semester.  We spent four glorious days on a beautiful beach, and we learned to SNUBA, and ate and drank too much.  It was hard to get on the plane to come home.  I found the a steal of a deal on an all-inclusive resort on Groupon, of all places!   We also traveled to Colorado twice, and we fall more in love with that state each time we visit.  We have now begun to say, "When we retire to Colorado..."  Hoping to head there again in December to ski.

Extra-Curricular: We are still the Academic Mentors to a Corps of Cadets outfit, Company E-1.  We have met our fish twice, and they seem to be doing well.  It's only the first week of school, though. They did well at Fish Review, and they have their first march-in this weekend before the football game against Rice.
I'm also in a Book Club with some crazy friends, and I am learning to expand my horizons in books.  My taste in literature is very different than most of theirs, but it has gotten me reading more fiction (some better than the rest!)  My photography sideline is slowly expanding, I have done several family and friends sessions and overall, everyone has been pleased with the results!

We got to spoil the nieces and nephew (and their parents) for a few days in July, thoroughly enjoyed that!  They are getting too big too fast.  We celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary in May, and we still like each other pretty well on most days.

So, yeah... life is busy, but incredibly full!